When are weigh-ins?
There are 3 opportunities to weigh-in, all of which are at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier.

If you are ONLY registered for Folkstyle, not Freestyle or Duals, you have the OPTION of weighing-in on Friday Night:

Are there Satellite Weigh-Ins?
No. All weigh-ins will be held by our staff during specified weigh-in hours inside the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier.

Will I need a singlet for weigh-ins?
Yes, you will be required to wear a singlet during the weigh-in.

I’m only wrestling in the Folkstyle Division, do I have to weigh-in on Thursday still?
No. If you are registered for FOLKSTYLE ONLY, you have the option of weighing in on Friday evening from 6pm-8pm inside the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier.

Will There be Check Scales?
Yes, we will provide 1 check scale that may be used prior to your official weigh-in.

What happens if I do NOT make my registered weight?
You must either completely forfeit or you may have the option to bump up to the next weight class up(same age group), which includes a $15 Rebracketing Fee.

If I don’t make weight at early Weigh-Ins, can I weigh-in again in the evening?
No. Once you enter the official weigh-in, morning or evening, that weigh-in is official. Please utilize the check scale to ensure you are ready for your official weigh-in.

If I am registered for multiple events, how many times must I weigh-in?
You only have to weigh-in ONCE for all events. Please know that Dual weights and Freestyle/Folkstyle weights may vary, You must meet the lowest of your registered weights.

Will I be required to show my birth certificate?
Athletes will not be required to show Birth Certificates at weigh-ins. HOWEVER, we will be taking requests for verification, should their age be officially challenged at our head table. In short, we won’t check, but we recommend bringing a copy in case of a challenge.

When are skin and hygiene checks?
Our staff will be conducting skin and hygiene checks prior to weigh-in. They will check for anything contagious on the skin including but not limited to Tinea(Ringworm), Impetigo, and Molescum Contagiousum. They will also check for long nails.


Will the finals still be held on The USS Midway Aircraft Carrier?
No. The Ultimate Summer Series is held entirely on The Broadway Pier, finals included.

Things not allowed on the Broadway Pier?
We will not be allowing coolers, pets, open food/beverages onto the Pier. We are working actively with the Port of San Diego to keep the San Diego Bay safe for the environment, please refrain from bringing loose articles such as napkins that may get caught by the wind and blown into the water.

Where Do I pick-up my wristband/tickets if I pre-purchased online?
We will have a WILL CALL at our admissions booth. Please be prepared with a photo I.D. to pick up your wristbands and USS Midway finals tickets.

What are the rules on Headgear, hairnets, etc.?
Headgear Required for Bantam, Intermediate, Novice B/G, Schoolboy/Schoolgirl. Freestyle, Folkstyle, Duals.
Headgear Not Required for: Cadet Men, Cadet Women, Junior Men, Junior Women, Open Men. Freestyle, Folkstyle, Duals.

Hairnets for long hair: NOT required.

Laces: Laces will be required to be taped. Please have them taped ahead of time to ensure the tournament runs smooth.

Floating Mats or Assigned Mats?
Wrestlers will be assigned to specific mats.

Something is incorrect in my brackets! How can I get it fixed?
Come see the head table between 7am to 8am before wrestling begins.


I’m doing both Duals and Individuals. What happens if I have to wrestle at the same time?
Our schedule is set up with staggered age groups. You should not have any overlap in wrestling between duals and individuals. In case there is, we will accommodate and adjust so you can make both matches.


Are blue/red singlets required?
Yes. Red/blue singlets will be mandatory. Please be ready according to your brackets.
TOP of the Bracket => RED
BOTTOM of the bracket => BLUE